Friday, January 22, 2016

Add life to your concrete walls

Liven up those boring walls

Simple green!

Better walls. (Photo Credits)

Empty walls are well, empty and boring. A homeowner can definitely do something about his or her home’s concrete to at least add life to it. for instance shared ways on how to splash photographs on a home wall like a pro.

“Well designed layouts complement your home interiors, making room look interesting, but light and spacious. Beautiful collections of photographs are excellent wall decorating ideas that help declutter homes and design beautiful and cozy, personal and modern interiors. Large empty walls can handle big collections of photographs or large photos. A single small photograph on an empty wall looks lost and unappealing. If you have lots of small photographs, it is better to design a composition and arrange them on empty walls in accordance with one of layouts that demonstrate how to hang photographs and decorate empty walls like a professional decorator.”

Check out the many ways here.

Creative and Functional

Kitchen walls can also hold both d├ęcor and functional space as shared in Better Homes and Gardens. “Amplify your home’s storage capacity by optimizing wall space. Check out these storage solutions — from capacious cabinets to inventive constructions — that stow copious amounts of all kinds of stuff.”

Take a look at the photos here.

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This employee featured over at found their concrete office wall too boring hence he made DIY decorations that came out really amazing.

“He Was Tired Of Looking At Boring Office Walls, So He Bought 9,000 Post-It Notes. The Result Is Amazing”

Look at the pictures here.

Are your home walls boring?

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