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Dream Home, Concrete Home

What you should know about homes made of concrete

Concrete Home Construction in Guatemala

A Modern home is a concrete home. (Photo Credits) 

When one says “modern home,” an image of a concrete home is usually being conjured. After all, it is the strongest, and most resilient material available when reinforce with steel among other construction materials.

And what could be more futuristic and iconic than this concrete home featured over at inhabitat.com? Concrete 

“This crazy concrete home could make you seasick. Carved into a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, Casa Brutale is a brutalist building reminiscent of the iconic Casa Malaparte in Naples, Italy, except it’s volumetrically inverted. The monolithic underground structure has a roof-mounted swimming pool that acts as a translucent ceiling, and a view that will definitely unsettle the faint-hearted.”

Check out the photos of the house here.

Dream House

Another dream home has been constructed this time in Texas, as shared by the website Dwell.com. National Ready Mix Concrete Association         

“An eye-opening trip to Naoshima, Japan, convinced the Robertsons to find a way to build their dream. On the 3.15-square-mile island, they visited the Benesse House Museum and the Chichu Art Museum, a series of square, rectangular, and triangular volumes  embedded in a hillside, which house installations by James Turrell and Walter De Maria, as well as paintings by Claude Monet. Both museums were designed by architect Tadao Ando and are composed of concrete, a signature material that Ando has used to rich and evocative effect. The Robertsons were taken with the rawness and mystery of the spaces.

Take a look at the design of the house here.

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Strength and reliability are also two of the factors why most homeowners choose concrete for their homes.

Q13Fox.com shares how resilient a concrete home can be against wild fires.

“One man rode out the firestorm in the comfort of his living room, even as a wall of flames 20 feet high marched right around him. ‘The fire was at this draw right here,’ said homeowner John Belles. ‘We didn’t have time to do much of anything. The fire was like 30 yards or so to the north of me when I decided to go into the building.’ Belles built his concrete, monolithic dome in 1999 after he bought some property near Riverside. It’s designed to withstand Mother Nature’s fury, and that’s exactly what it did as he rode out the firestorm inside.

Read more here.

What do you love about your concrete home?


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